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Sukosan Dalmatia Sukosan is a town and small harbour in a vast bay, 11 km south-east of Zadar; population 2,500. Main occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing and tourism.

A name Sukosan or Sanctus Casanus, was mentioned for the first time in one legal document in the year 1289, but the village itself is much older. A medieval settlement has been founded at the bottom of the shallow and sheltered lagoon called Golden Harbour.

Today Sukosan spreads around the entire spacious bay, and the first founded village is just a heart of present developed tourist place.

In the tame landscape of the Sukosan lagoon, on the artificially made small islet, Zadar’s archbishop Matheo Valaresso built a summer palace. This palace represents a most significant example of the pastorally architecture of the 15th century. In the time of the ottoman attacks, local inhabitants found a shelter inside the walls of palace. After turbulent war centuries and several earthquakes which hit this region, the palace almost vanished. Only three walls as modest remains of former palace still jut out of the sea, which are most impressive during the summer solstice, when the sun sets down precisely between two walls.
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Sukosan Croatia Inside of the former village walls, Sukosan is meshed by the narrow streets surrounded by the old stone-built houses which bear the signs of the former turbulent centuries. In the central part of this medieval village there is the parish church, erected probably in the 11th century, assumed its present aspect in the 17th century, dedicated to the protector of Sukosan - Saint Casanus.

A small church from the 17th century rises on the graveyard. Fragments with "pleter" (interlacery ornament) are incorporated in its door-posts and on the front.

Especially picturesque is the square Gornja vrata with the old villas renovated in charming restaurants and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During the summer season, various culture and entertaining performances take place on this square.
Due to its numerous restaurants and taverns, Sukosan is being considered as a place of wine and song!
Sukosan cherishes the old customs. They are linked to the feast of St. Kasijan, the patron saint of Sukosan (13th August).
During the carnival season, "luzari", masks typical only for Sukosan, represent a special attraction.

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