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Summer in Sukosan




About destination: Sukosan, Zadar, Dalmatia, Croatia

Information about city of Sukosan

Sukosan Dalmatia Sukosan is a town and small harbour in a vast bay, 11 km south-east of Zadar; population 2,500. Main occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing and tourism.
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Summer events in Sukosan

Summer in Sukosan Sukosan cherishes the old customs. They are linked to the feast of St. Kasijan, the patron saint of Sukosan (13 August). Other tourist attractions are concert "Zapivajmo Kasijanu", donkey races, fisherman's festivities every Thursday, concerts of famous Croatian pop singers...
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Information about city of Zadar

Zadar Dalmatia A town in the very heart of the Adriatic, which is often called a "small Croatian Rome". Three thousand years of history, unique sacral buildings and a rich cultural heritage are responsible for this title.
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Interesting destinations in northern Dalmatia

Sukosan Zadar Dalmatia The narrow and broad vicinity of Zadar is fascinating too. The Tourist Riviera of Zadar stretches from Zadar to Nin and farther to the north, and as far as Biograd to the south. There are other historical places of interest and about fifty picturesque little tourist places, national and nature parks.
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Basic tourist information about Croatia

Republic of Croatia Croatia extends from the furthest eastern edges of the Alps in the north-west to the Pannonian lowland and the bank of the Danube in the east; its central region is covered by the Dinara mountain range, and its southern parts extend to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.
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