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Memorijal kenje Viole Memorial of the kenja Viola
For more than 40 years, a famous tourist attraction in the week before St. Cassian are the donkey races "Trke tovara" called "Memorial of the kenja (female donkey) Viola".

Svićarenje "Svićarenje"
During the "Memorial of the kenja Viola" there's fishermen's competition in fishing with lamplights (svića) and harpoons, competition in a tug of war, etc.

Let's sing to Cassian Let's sing to Cassian
The day before St. Cassian, 12 August, the concert "Let's sing to Cassian" is held on the main square, and at midnight there's big fireworks next to the Palac.

St. Cassian St. Cassian
The Feast of the St. Cassian, patron saint of Sukošan, is celebrated on 13 August when there is a procession carrying the statue of the saint around the town. the evening concerts are held in the Sports Centre and on the main square.
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Fishermen's festivities Fisherman's festivities
Fishermen's festivities, with grilled fish and wine, followed by Dalmatian songs, are held every Thursday from 8:30 PM till midnight.

Concerts Concerts
The Sports Center hosts concerts of famous Croatian pop singers. The yard of the church also becomes a unique stage during the summer where concerts of "klape" (Dalmatian harmony-singing groups) are being held.

First photo taken from Zadarski list, other photos taken from the portal eZadar